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Company Overview

The Skyline Group of Companies is one of Canada's fastest-growing and unique investment management organizations: grounded in real estate, powered by people, and growing for the future.

Our success is built upon humble beginnings, entrepreneurial spirit, and a drive to do things the right way, instead of the easy way. We exist to provide meaningful value to each part of the Skyline network: our residents and commercial tenants, our investors, our staff, and our business and charitable partners alike. That’s why we manage every aspect of our business with the utmost care—from consulting with investors, to fostering a sense of community at each of our properties.

As a full-service real estate investment management organization, we acquire properties across Canada, and fully manage the properties ourselves, ensuring our residential and commercial tenants are proud to live and work in our buildings. Each of these properties is part of a private real estate investment trust (REIT) portfolio, which we offer to our investors as unique alternative investment products. We currently offer three private REIT products: Skyline Apartment REIT, Skyline Commercial REIT, and Skyline Retail REIT. Through our Wealth Management business, we also provide our investors with additional unique alternative investment products and services.


4 Guys April 18 2017 edit

From left to right: R. Jason Ashdown, Co-Founder and COO; Wayne Byrd, CFO; Martin Castellan, Co-Founder and CAO; Jason Castellan, Co-Founder and CEO

We’re committed to empowering our employees to actively build and support vibrant communities: giving back is an integral part of the Skyline culture.

We’re also passionate about protecting the environment and investing in the latest green technologies; we are dedicated to our ongoing environmental initiatives. Our community giving and green initiatives are just some of the aspects of the Skyline business that have won us many industry awards and accolades – we are truly proud of this recognition.

Skyline’s three Co-Founders, brothers Jason and Martin Castellan and their good friend R. Jason Ashdown, still actively run Skyline today. Their passion and flair for real estate, coupled with their decades of experience in the business, has cultivated a unique company culture based on drive, friendliness and inclusiveness, and has grown our organization to become a true leader in the Canadian real estate industry.


Core Purpose

We exist to create meaningful value and an exceptional experience for each of our stakeholders, and to develop strong, supportive communities.


We bring passion, energy and determination to make a positive impact with every interaction.


P We are Professional.
R We are Respectful.
I We have Integrity.
D We are Driven.
E We are Efficient.